Audit of Audio PED - A unique Bluetooth headset

Audit of Audio PED - A unique Bluetooth headset

AudioPED - a review

As for the Bluetooth headset, its rare to have a device that packs a lot of functionality and great design features. Arranging that many sensors and chips in a single headset are not a common task, and I was pleased to read about the new Audio PED (Personal Entertainment Device) and the quality that it takes on the table. At the moment it is close to meeting the shelves and with what is being created, I thought it was a good idea to review the product from an independent perspective.

Now most Bluetooth headsets are equipped with the camera featured on Amazon dubbed spy headsets and there are a lot of them available with a price of $ 30-90. However, AudioPED is much more than just a Spy camera or even a Bluetooth headset, as it also has basic health control sensors. I managed to find a headset that came close to it; Ctronics Hidden Wearable Spy Camera HD that costs $ 90. As you can easily predict, the price increases with an increase in memory size, functionality and camera quality. Now theres no concrete price tag from the team right now but its generally reported that its around $ 109 which is a lot more than the other Bluetooth devices but lets look at the specifications of the new Bluetooth handset and see if its really worth it. the big number of dollars!


Since these are basically Bluetooth headsets, its important to start with the primary function: audio. Audio PED offers a high quality quality audio to its users, and it can be streamed directly through the internet instead of storing it on the device itself. This feature is absent in the competition because it is based on internal storage for all songs and sounds. Its storage is also above with a 32GB card support compared to the maximum 8GB offered by Ctronics Hidden Spy Camera that comes very close to cost.

Audio PED also has an intricate noise reducing system so your calls are not interrupted by nearby sounds. It is currently unavailable in any Bluetooth headset we could find so its a big plus for the new device.

Video recording and battery

1080p HD video recording is offered by both Audio PED and Ctronics. Video capture function is the main feature of both devices, and there is nothing that separates them on video quality. However, the Ctronics device only offers up to 1.5 hours of video recording in a single charge, while Audio PED has heavy lipo batteries on both sides. They ensure that you get extended hours of playback and video recording on the device with up to 16 hours of playback possible.

Bluetooth connectivity

Audio PED has a unique feature to connect to Bluetooth to multiple devices at the same time, including your laptop, smartphone or even iPod. This feature is absent in the Ctronics device and all other Bluetooth headsets I have encountered below $ 200.


Now here is where Audio PED takes a definite edge over its rival. As part of the extra functionality, it can act as a perfect health monitoring companion by measuring the intensity of UV rays as you travel in the sun. This helps you avoid these dangerous rays and has later problems with the skin. None of the headset in the same category offers UV feeling because they are more focused on the Spy side of things.

Touch screen

Audio PED comes with a touch screen that displays the track name and shows the tracks. The Ctronics device does not have a touch screen at all and trusts buttons all the time for navigation. Audio PED is also quite compact compared to Ctronics, despite having a touchscreen.

Companion App

Most of the competing headphones including the Ctronics device are a plug-and-play question and connect via USB. A companion app for such a simple device is meaningful, but Audio PED is not a simple Bluetooth headset. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, smart sensors, expanded battery and even a touch screen so it comes with its own killer app thats both fun to use and extremely useful and easy to launch.


It is obvious that the functionality and quality of the Audio PED team is exceptional if the price range really is around the $ 109s. Follow the official Audio PED website because its release date in North America and Western Europe is expected to be announced soon!

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